Month: January 2020

Richard Moore [Part 2]: The Laws of Selling | E54

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #54: The Laws of Selling [Part 2] with Richard Moore Get ready to amp up your sales skills! Today we have a return guest on the show, sales expert, Richard Moore. Richard was featured back in Episode #26, “The Laws of Selling.” Listen to that episode first or even…

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Lila Smith: Say Things Better | E53

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #53: Say Things Better with Lila Smith Ready to level up your communication skills? Communication is the language of leadership, and learning to do it effectively is key to personal and career success! Join us this week with Lila Smith, actress, Linkedin influencer and founder of communication consultancy, Say…

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Mike Michalowicz: Run It Like Clockwork | E52

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #52: Run It Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz Thou shalt profit immediately and run thy business like clockwork! This week on YAP, learn how you can optimize your time and money with Mike Michalowicz, a serial entrepreneur, author and podcaster who launched three multi-million dollar companies before his 35th…

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Sheila Heen: Tackling Tough Conversations | E51

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #51: Tackling Tough Conversations with Sheila Heen “Hey, we need to talk…” <– if these words scare you, trust that you’re not alone!Whether we’re dealing with an under-performing employee, upset with our spouse, or facing issues with a difficult client, we attempt or avoid difficult conversations everyday. Healthy relationships…

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