Month: July 2019

Safi Bahcall: Shoot Your Loonshot | E33

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #33: Shoot Your Loonshot with Safi Bahcall Reinvent yourself ! In #33, Hala yaps with Safi Bahcall, a trained physicist who has transformed his career every 5 years or so. He’s done everything from business consulting to co-founding a pharmaceutical company to now becoming a best-selling author. In this…

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Steven Kotler: Flow Into The Future | E32

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #32: Flow Into The Future with Steven Kotler Want to become 500x more productive? In episode #32, Hala interviews Steven Kotler, a New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on peak performance and flow. They discuss what flow is, how it impacts our brain and body, and triggers…

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David Meltzer: Get Off Your A** (GOYA) | E31

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #31: Get Off Your A** (GOYA) with David Meltzer Ready. Set. GOYA!!! Learn how action and attraction brings abundance in this inspiring episode with David Meltzer. David Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1, a sport marketing firm which he co-founded with hall of fame quarterback, Warren Moon. Additionally,…

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JT McCormick: Rise Against All Odds | E30

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #30: Rise Against All Odds with JT McCormick Started from the bottom, now he’s here! JT McCormick had an insanely tough upbringing. He grew up dirt poor, raised by a single mother and was the son of a pimp. He started out becoming a product of his environment, barely…

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