YAPSnacks: 2021’s Secrets To Profiting In Life – Purpose, Priorities and Balance | Part 1

YAPSnacks: 2021’s Secrets To Profiting In Life – Purpose, Priorities and Balance | Part 1

In this New Year’s Eve special we are taking a look back through 2021!

Over the course of the year, we have chatted with sleep scientists, best-selling authors, FBI agents, fortune 50 CEOS, even movie stars, and after every interview they are all asked the same question…

“What is your secret to profiting in life?” 

And when we say profiting, we mean more than just making money, we want to hear from successful people on how to achieve the best in our own lives! 

The yap team has dug through 2021s episodes and collected all the responses to see if any common themes came up! Some patterns became apparent quite quickly! Part one of our two part #YAPSnacks special is about remembering to know your purpose and priorities! Finding what you love, what you believe in, what you serve, and making sure you enjoy the never-ending-journey to fulfilling your purpose!

Let’s end 2021 together with learning the secrets to profiting in life! 

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  1. Perspective


John Lee Dumas: Perspective. Cause if you have the right perspective, that you're winning in the moment right now because things could be so much worse.

Like yes, things could be better for all of us, but they could be so much worse. So perspective. 

97. THEMES: Wants/Needs, Clarity of Goals. 

 Steve Olsher: [01:04:20] Yeah, and I love that question. So I would say first and foremost, just. You gotta be really clear on what you want versus what it is that you need. And what I know to be true is that far too many people will go through life focused on what it is that they believe that they want.

And that focus on what it is that they believe that they want, as opposed to having true clarity on what it is that they actually need will continue to impact them in a way where [01:05:00] they're never truly present. And they're always looking at what is potentially available to them for them and outside of their existing arena of life, if you will.

And so it's, it becomes challenging, right? When you're so focused on what it is that you think that you want, that you forget to really just pause. Take the time to look at what you have and be grateful for what it is that you have, but also to find true fulfillment in what it is that you have. And so the easiest example I can use and share with you here is the biggest difference between having what you want and what it is that you need is like somebody who lives in, let's say a two bedroom apartment and they're paying $4,000 a month or whatever it is, if you're in Manhattan or wherever, it's a lot more than that.

But whatever it is for that, [01:06:00] but what you actually need and could very well be happy in is a studio apart. And it's the car that you're paying for that you don't need is this, it's all these things that you think that you want. And ultimately the end of the day, all of that ends, let's just say it adds up to $7,000 a month in terms of what your nut is, your expenses, et cetera, et cetera.

When in fact what you need could reflect nut perhaps of maybe just two grand a month taking public transportation instead of owning a car and all of these things. And that $5,000 difference is ultimately what keeps people living in that perpetual state of having to hustle, having to scramble, having to do more than they actually need to do.

And so that fundamental question of just having clarity around what it is that you want versus what it is that you actually need can help dramatically in pretty much all of those areas. 



Ashley Stahl: People, Conversations I would say your life is only as expensive as the conversations you're having. Whenever I feel like my business is plateauing or it needs more energy around it. I just [00:52:00] think who can I have a conversation with today?

99. Themes: PEOPLE

Paul Getter: [01:04:52] Secret department give ads, just give people before profits give to others, pour into [01:05:00] others, help others. You never go wrong.

Going back to my degree in theology, there is a universal principle in all religions that you reap, what you sow. Whether it's Christianity, whether it's Buddhism, Hinduism, there's a universal principle that if you give and you so good, you will reap good and it works. So just give, help others serve others, and it will come back.

Don't put money first, but just put people first and you'll always be success. 

101.  Themes: PEOPLE

Matthew McConaughey: Sometimes it's a greater risk to go for something you want. And sometimes it's a greater risk to sacrifice and say, nah, I'm going to go with that back.

That's really another place for the art I think of living is. And we've been talking about that generally in the end for the last 30 minutes. Try if you can. To say, okay, look, we all want to make money. Money's good. It's a great tool. It does help the world go round. And a capitalist said it, we need money. I'm all for that.

We want to fill our bank account, but let's ask herself when we're filling our bank account. Can I also fill my soul's account at the same time? Boy, if we find a way where we can fill our bank account and soul's account where we don't feel our bank account at the expense of who we are, what we believe in, [00:58:00] we don't lie, cheat and steal and screw people over and burn bridges and to get what we want.

That's long money. That's real profit. 


Jon Gordon: The last question my secret to profiting is I would say it's the message from the carpenter.

Three words, love, serve, and care. I always say don't focus on building your business. [00:51:00] Focus on loving, serving, and caring, and your business will exponentially grow. And if you invest in the love for your customers, for people, your staff, your team, if you serve others, it's about helping them grow. It's not about you, you coach them, you guide them, you mentor them, you make it simple and clear for them.

Guide them along the way. People want three things from you and your business. Three things make it clear and simple for me. Coach me through the process and give me the confidence. I'm making the right decision. This was from a client who spent millions of dollars in market research to figure out what their customers wanted.

And once they told me this at this big event, I was speaking at, I said, this is the same thing every customer wants. So make sure you're serving your customers, serving others. And we talked about showing that you care when you know, someone cares about you. You want to do business with them, you refer them and tell everyone.

So for me, it's been, I do really care about people. I love what I do, and I am here to serve. I am here to serve as a result of that my business has [00:52:00] continues to grow exponentially, but it's not all smooth rides. You have to also stay positive, overcome the negativity along the way with optimism and belief, but ultimately the love serving care.

That drives you to do what you do, and then you get the fruits of that by investing in the root. 

104. Themes: PEOPLE

Marcus Buckingham: [01:09:15] The Western philosophy says, I think, therefore I am right. Kognito goes some, I think therefore I am, but there is an African philosophy called the Ubuntu which basically says, now we only exist in relation to other people you're not out there by yourself thinking everything isn't cognitive.

It's not. I think therefore I am it's. I am because you are, we only exist in beautiful relationship to one another. So my secret to profiting in life for me, but for you too, and for your listeners would be look to your left and look to your right, because you are because of who they are, who are you moving through life [01:10:00] with?

That includes your life partner, the person you choose to do life with includes your colleagues. Your beautiful uniqueness is manifested not by itself. It is manifested through the attention, the challenge, the curiosity of someone else, helping you to demystify yourself so that you can contribute. So look to your left, look to your right, and remember that the goal of any great relationship that you have in life is to make each one of you bigger.

And you should only surround yourself with people whose goal is to help you be bigger. The biggest version of you not threatened by you, not blind to you, not controlling of you, not trying to be you. The goal of any relationship is that other person sees you and wants you to be bigger. And I think the thing that I've learned in my life anyway, and I've done my career is a little bit like yours.

Over the [01:11:00] years, writing books, speaking, being individually productive, starting a company, having a company grow like crazy, having another bigger company coming in by like now I'm here doing this with you. It's been an interesting scavenger hunt for love. But the biggest lesson I'm going to take from my life is that I am because you are.

And so who's the you in that sentence, who am I surrounding myself with? For every one of your listeners, they aren't an island. They're not by themselves. They're super connected. And so think very carefully about who you're choosing to walk through life with. And if they're wanting you to be bigger, hold on tight, because that's the way in which you live.

110. Themes: SELF-LOVE, PEOPLE

Natasha Grano: My secret to profiting in life is love yourself and always [00:42:00] wake up every single day. And say to yourself, how can I serve my audience today? How can I take care of one person's needs today?

Because you just need to validation from one past. You just need to think of one person. How can I serve them today? How can I better somebody else's life? How can I use my knowledge, my skillset, everything I've been given to serve my community. What would serve them? That is the key to profiting because money is a by-product to success.

Everything you want is a byproduct of that. So always look to serve other people. True manifestation is when you are serving others, you are manifesting something for the benefit of others and the legacy on this planet. Leaving a mark for people that off to you that you are leaving it in a better way than you can.


Jay Samit: [01:09:09] Solve for others to solve for you? If you're on a journey that it's all about you, it's a very lonely place, but when you can impact other people's lives, it is the most gratifying experience. It gives you meaning and purpose of every day.

I often tell people, if you can't find somebody with a smile, give them yours. It takes so little effort and you never know when one word of encouragement, one pat on the back, whatever, it may take opening one door to give somebody a chance can just change their whole trajectory of life.

We're all here because other people came before us and helped. And we have that obligation to make the world better. And I believe the purpose in life is to live a life of purpose. And so once [01:10:00] I had success, I wanted to help people because not to get into politics at the end of the show. But when I saw what happened in our nation's Capitol this year in January, what I saw was thousands of people that feel left out, left behind, literally fighting over the leftovers aside the bottom hundred and 40 million people in the U S are fighting over 1% while the top doubled their wealth during the pandemic.

Why are we still teaching people how to be factory workers when there are not factory jobs? Why are we ideally letting democracy disappear? Because the only way have democracy is if you have a strong middle class and the only people that create a strong middle class are entrepreneurs, they are the job creators.

So what you do with your podcast is making the world a better place, and I salute you for that and keep on doing it. 


109. Themes: SELF-LOVE

Olivia Fox Cabane: [00:55:07] I got a lot done early on and burnt out because of it. I think I had my first burnout having experience of, having more money than I knew what to do with more time more, everything you want at 25.

And the adventure of that is that once you bring it out at 25, a lot of the things that people spend time chasing whole less appeal for you. If there's one thing that has made my life measurably better. The past couple of decades, it really has been getting comfortable with who I am now.

Granted, I may have gone a bit too far in that direction. It says, no, I really don't give up. And that's a problem of not having anything to prove anymore, but had I, but known when I was in high school, just how much easier and better my life would have been. If I did not care what other people thought that [00:56:00] it was in fact the best way to have before I got married, I had a harem.

And if I had only known that the best way to get your own personal hair, I'm simply not care what boys thought about you. And then they'd all fall at your feet and same for business in many ways. So self-acceptance, I think really is it, and don't get me wrong. Self-acceptance is tough work, especially for those of us who are more comfortable in our heads.

You're going to have to meditate at some point, sorry. And for those of us who are more mind oriented, we tend to gravitate towards Vipassana, nice dry cognitive work of the mind, insight meditation, but you have to think of meditation as a toolbox and the same way you wouldn't use a screwdriver or a hammer for the same thing.

You shouldn't use Vipassana or Metta for the same purpose. People like you like me, all the overachievers, we don't need more intellectual insight. What we need is the messy, awkward, uncomfortable work of the heart and Metta and [00:57:00] METTA loving kindness meditation. Now don't get me wrong Metta  as a bitch.

I hate Metta. It's awful. It's bloody awful, but that. Is what got me the biggest and fastest transformations. Personally, if you look at the person I was pre my first Metta retreat and post different human being, and I'm going to horribly paraphrase. I think it was the RO who said, I could feel my soul growing like corn in the night.

And by God, it was painful. My first Vipassana meditation retreat, seventies, seven days of silence. No, it's not actually silent. There's way too much talking on a meditation retreat. Trust me about this. But the seven days are still in silence and solitude. Really? Not that much of a problem. Seven days of Metta.

I wasn't sure I was going to survive because that is work. I wasn't ready for. 

112. Themes: SELF-LOVE

Dr. Edith Eger: Just keep walking, just keep evolving. And [00:58:00] keep giving and keep being the true self. And I think this is a wonderful time for people to discover the, to sell the genuine sell that you gave up early on. And the question is, when did your childhood end and go find that little girl in you and tell her I'm never going to leave you and to be able to carry that little beautiful child with you, who is really so happy that you're going to be the caring, loving mom to you and tell that little girl you're the only one.

114. Themes: MENTAL HEALTH, 

Dr Caroline Leaf: Mind management without a doubt it's all driven by mind. So everything is driven by mind . So that's the, without managing your mind, you cannot do life is just mason, from there, it's just a natural profiting in everything. Relationships, yourself, peace, finances, business, et cetera. And you can also get better perspective, but you don't look at anything.

Anything. I don't look at anything as an external thing to bring into me. Everything's from inside out because it's mind out. And then I, then you've mentioned more, then I'm much more accepting of everything that happens. And I have goals and visions obviously, but I don't, they don't, they're not external that I'm trying to get [01:09:00] in. I'm growing from the inside out . 


Donald Miller: [01:02:42] Secret to profiting in life is understanding for me personally, that life is more about experiencing meaning than it is about being successful.

And I take Viktor Frankl's advice when he talks about experiencing meaning it's a, he has a three-part formula. The [01:03:00] first is a project that you work on that hopefully is sacrificial and helps other people, an optimistic or redemptive perspective on all challenges that you face even tragedies and share your life with others.



Laura Vanderkam: Profiting is having extra, that there is more coming in than what is going out. And I think that this is a good way to think about our time as well, that we have more coming more available to us, and spending on things we would like to do, then the things that sort of drain us and make us unhappy.

And yes, there are things we have to do in life. But even so even if you absolutely hated your job and it was 40 hours a week, there are 168 hours in a week. And so if you slept eight hours a night, so that's 56 hours per week, seven times, 8 50, 6, 40 hours for work. We still have 72 hours for other things.

And so you could think of yourself as yes, I have this money. Time going out for the work that I'm not thrilled about, but I have these 72 other hours that I can do other things with. Wow. What a profit, or, maybe I can change the work too. And then I look even more profitable because I have even more of my hours that I feel good about.

And so getting yourself into a place where you [00:40:00] feel happy about your hours is how you can profit in life. 


Josh Kaufman: [00:37:50] My secret to profiting in life, I think is spending a lot of time, very being very clear about what I [00:38:00] want and what I don't want. And that sounds simpler than it is in practice. But I think that there, we all have a limited amount of time and energy and capacity, and there are certain things that kind of sound good in the moment, but end up being distractions.

And there are other things that sound really difficult or really frustrating that end up being the core of what it is  for us to live a fulfilling life, whatever that definition is for you. And so I think spending a little bit more time in that head space what do I want right now? And why do I want those things?

What am I doing to get those things? And what am I ignoring? Because it's just not important enough for me. The more you have a very clear image of that in your mind. And the more that you update that over time, because we change as people, like our situation changes, our values, change, our [00:39:00] priorities change, like keeping really up on what you're doing and why in this moment, right now, in your context, the more you do that, the better decisions you'll make and the more effective you'll be.

At doing the things that are necessary to move you in the direction you want to go. 


 Marc Randolph: The profiting in life is balanced. You've got to do the things that make you happy in life, because believe I, I tell you the answer isn't necessarily money or fame or any of that stuff. You have to say what's important to you and make sure you construct a life that gives you that. And if you don't know what you want, the odds of you actually getting it are extremely remote.

[00:55:23] And for me, it's, I've always had these three pieces to it. I love being an entrepreneur. I do have to do that, but it's not everything. I've also got a wife and I have three kids and I want to know them and I want to have a relationship with them and I've got to make sure I carve out the time to make sure that's important.

[00:55:39] And as you've also heard, I love being outdoors. And unfortunately, although being outdoors is incredibly rewarding, it usually is not the kind of thing you can squeeze in between an 11 o'clock meeting and a two o'clock call. You've got to plan and build the life that allows you to get away and do those things.

[00:55:56] So if you can put together the things like that, if you can have that balance in your life, you're going to have the relationships, the personal fulfillment. And of course, the things that make you intellectually engaged. You are a rich person. Indeed. 


Jeremy Ryan Slate: To me, it's really realizing what my priorities are and putting them first because I find it, at least for me, when I was younger, one of the [00:51:00] things that I did as far too often been to, this person wants that from me or this person wants this from me.

[00:51:05] And I find that you have to get better at saying no, because you'll commit to things where you're not very happy doing it. So you're just going to do a bad job or you're not going to do it at all. So then nobody's happy. So it's really finding out what your priorities are and realizing that when you say no more often than yes, your yes has really matter.

[00:51:21] And they're really a good thing. And that's going to help you be more successful in everything else you're doing. 


Amberly Lago: [01:11:19] My secret to profiting in life is really having my priorities.

In place and knowing what my values are because to me, profiting is not just about money. It's about your health, it's about your relationships. And so I feel like when you know, what your values are, it helps you make decisions a little easier. And when you know what your priorities are, it helps you put your yourself on your to-do list.

And when you can take care of yourself, then you can help others [01:12:00] and you can take care of your family and your clients. And so I think that just really take a moment to write down what your values are, what your priorities are, because those slip me sometimes. Cause a lot of things come up. I'm like, oh, that looks fun.

Yeah. I want to do that. I want to do that. I want to do that. And it's no, what is the plan? How am I going to best profit for my pocket book for my health, for my family. And so I think it's really important to always go back to what your values and your, and have integrity with that. 


Ethan Kross: [01:05:48] My secret to profiting in life. Number one, I manage my chatter. People ask me often, do I ever experienced, it as an expert on it?

Yes, I do. I'm a human, but I'm really good at [01:06:00] detecting when it's happening and then implementing tools that helps me be really productive in life as does the simple rule of treating other people with kindness and respect. That doesn't mean I'm a doormat, but it does mean that I always try to find the bright side and empathize and connect.

And I think that is something that has been helpful. 



Vernā Myers: [00:50:05] I have several, but the one I'm going to go with is alignment. And what I mean by alignment is really looking for the messages in your life.

Sit down. What has my life been saying to me about what the purpose is that I can serve on behalf of others? And when you do it, you start to say, there was that.  And there was like, and you start to see that commonality and you start to say, how do I align all of that?

I am doing to that purpose in my personal life and my work life and my friend life in the ways that I volunteer, because when you've got all sorts of things going on, you're often at cross purposes, you're like canceling out sometimes the good that you're doing. And so I have learned to [00:51:00] align, which means you also have to say no to stuff.

Cause you're like that doesn't actually go. But once you realize, and you try to say where your vision is and you understand your purpose opportunities come by and you're like, grab that one because that's part of the flow. And that's the other piece I would say, alignment helps you get into flow.

What it also does is it helps you to say no to things that might be great. They may be great, but they're not in the flow. When you get in the flow, there's a certain kind of efficiency. There's a certain kind of profitability and then it just keeps feeding on itself. You feel good inside. You're projecting clarity to folks.

You are attracting more opportunities and you're letting go. So much, the secret is let go as quickly as you can, stay with reality. We spend so much time saying why isn't it like this? Can't believe this happens to me. I don't know why she treated me. There's a lot of that [00:52:00] going on. That takes up a lot of energy.

It is what it is. You don't have control over everybody. You have control over nobody except yourself. So what's your flow? What's your purpose? How you give him back? Why were you brought here? And then how are you going to keep unfolding and evolving? 


Trent Shelton: [00:51:54] I got to go with understanding what truly matters to you. Who matters and what [00:52:00] matters in saying that is a branch off of the tree of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is everything. When you do the things that truly fulfill you, then you will have an abundance of life holistically. And so focus on that. Don't focus on the things that bring you notoriety, bring you success, bring you whatever. And my definition of success is fulfillment. And so if you can say, man, this is truly fulfilling me.

Even if it's unpopular, even if it's not the trend, even if you don't get any recognition, even if you don't get followers from it, you can live a life of fulfillment. That's a great life because that life equals a life of peace. And I think pieces where we all seek for in different forms, as we try to navigate this world. 

Hala Taha: [00:52:46] What does fulfillment feel like?

How does, what does that feel like to you? 

Trent Shelton: [00:52:50] So fulfillment feels to me that nothing is missing, that nothing is missing and I'm whole, and I'm at peace. [00:53:00] And I'm, I feel with anxiety because I know what everything is going to be all right. And I know if I left this world today, I wouldn't have any regrets because I live such a fulfilled life.

And I did the things that I thought I was called to do. And I lived the life that I felt like I was called to live. That's what it means to me. My mother taught me when you have purpose. When you have peace and when you have presence, when you're present, live in presence, always be in the moment, put down your cell phone and look what's in front of your face, live in purpose.

Now that calling in your life live in peace, whether that's nature, whether that's disconnecting, whether that's meditation, prayer, when you have those three PS, you have fulfillment. And so often do that. Check in with myself every week with those three peace. How was my peace this week that I live in presence this week with my family and those that I love that I live in purpose this week.

If I know if I can say, yeah, I did. I know I'm moving to that fulfillment that I see. 

  1. Community Building

126. Theme- community building

[00:58:33] Dr. Maya Shankar: I think building a really strong community of supporters around me. I've been the beneficiary of so many incredible mentors in my life. And I try to pay it forward by mentoring others, especially young women of color.

[00:58:47] And I feel like in tough moments or when we're feeling insecure or feeling like we can't accomplish that next goal, tapping into that community for strength and support and wisdom and warmth and insights can [00:59:00] really help who you are and help you get to that next phase. Don't do it yourself, or don't believe you have to do it all on your own. 

127. Theme - community, good relationships

[00:56:51] Dr. Meeta Singh: I would say having genuine relationships.

[00:56:56] The kind of work that you and I do Hala it's all about [00:57:00] building relationships. Like I said, I have never advertised. It's always, when I work with somebody, I work, I give it my level best and then maybe go beyond and it's very rewarding. And I know that it'll, somehow they come back and even if it doesn't because it's rewarding it's worth it.

147. Theme - sharing, community

Vinnie Potestivo: sharing. I, I profit the most when I share, I get, and I don't do it because of the return, but the parts where I am most profitable or successful financially or emotionally in my career have always been when I'm sharing that moment. And it's hard for me sometimes to release control. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's hard to release control and trust somebody to.

Um, be able to create something larger than what you could have done yourself. And in that sharing is an or collaborating, we can call it, but in that sharing, that's where, um, I'm at my best. 

136. Theme - understanding other people, using skills to help others 

[00:58:38] Stephynie Malik: My secret to profiting in life is understanding what other people are needing and seeing if I have the skills or the superpower to help them believe in themselves. I love it. 

  1. Trust Your Journey

128. Theme - trust the journey

[01:04:25] Tiffani Bova: Trust the process. Had I thought that I had to stay one place and move up and trust the fact that was going to happen or did I bet on myself and change jobs? Not always moving up. Sometimes it was lateral. Sometimes it was down, ultimately I had to trust the process and when you're young, you don't, you have no patience.

[01:04:49] You want it to be done. You want it all to be perfect and ready. And as you get a little bit older, you realize that's rarely if ever possible. So you have to trust the process that even if [01:05:00] you try and fail, you will have learned something, you either win or learn. You never lose. I'd say trusting the process is absolutely the best piece of advice I can give anybody.

144. Theme - journey, pursue big dreams

[01:03:45] Chris Voss: And I was just thinking about it earlier today. I'm probably two things. Yeah, it's a journey. Look, it's just the journey. They take your eyes off the destination and focus on a journey and then whatever you're [01:04:00] into, it's gotta be something that's larger than. 

[01:04:47] And so if there's something you're dedicated to that you're pursuing, that's bigger than you. It's kinda life is going to be enormously rich. And there are other riches besides [01:05:00] money now, money's money's a meat, money's jet fuel. The other thing about Geffen, the Geffen documentary was, is it Dave, you got a billion dollars.

  1. Keep Learning

137. Theme - reading, constantly learning

[00:49:53] Robin Dreeke: Oh, I tell you something today that I probably went through said five years ago, and that is, I have [00:50:00] discovered what a moron I've been because I didn't read. I also discovered I'm, what's called a kinetic thinker and a kinetic learner.

[00:50:06] I have to move. And a COVID has been a challenge, for everyone in the world, but I always look, the obstacles the way, the gift and the challenge. And I started walking a lot, because business was pretty low. And so I discovered I got bored listening to music.

[00:50:20] And so I said, Hey, let me try this audible thing. Let me try listening to a book because I could never do it before. It was like, I can't sit and listen to a book, but I discovered that when I walk in. I remember everything. I take notes and I devour books and I that's my secret. I just try to keep learning and all of these gaps that I have in my life.

138. Theme - reading, learning

Steven Kotler [01:04:23] The whole office is books. I wasn't a great student. I wasn't super smart, but I never stopped reading and I'll read 150 books a year kind of thing. And I've done that for a very long time. And it's amazing how far you can get by out reading people. 

129. Theme - peace, journey

[00:44:51] Anthony Trucks: Peace. That's it? That's the answer. I think that there's this desire for people to be somewhere at all times. That they're not at [00:45:00] currently. And for me, I found a great way to fall in love with the day and not the destination. And there's something unique about that in my mind

  1. Mindfulness/Be Present while Making Choices/Be Intentional

145. Theme - mindfulness, intentional

[01:13:04] Matt Higgins: I really think it's being intentional. I think that if you look. What's one of the worst emotions we go through. It's not anger.

[01:13:13] It's not sadness. It's regret because it's the one self-inflicted emotion. That you can completely avoid. And so the antidote to regret is intention. So I think the secret for me, profiting in life is I'm always working backwards from my deathbed and my epitaph. What do I want my epitaph to read? And what am I going to feel on my death bed?

146. Theme - focus, intentional, mindfulness

Charles Duhhig (9-4-36): You know, I think that, I think that in general, one of the things that the research tells us and that I've definitely found it in my own life is that the, the more we give ourselves time to think deeply about the choices that we're making. The more, we make better choices. And so one of the big questions is to ask, ask yourself, you know, am I spending time on the things that actually matter to me?

Or if I said somebody's gotten into a autopilot mode where like, because I have 30 emails today, I'm going to spend an hour and a half doing emails. And of course, if you spend an hour and a half doing emails, you're going to have 40 emails tomorrow. We get it. It's, it is natural to get into a place where our habits take over and we stop making decisions because it's easier not to make decisions, but the most successful people are the ones who force themselves to make choices every single day.

Because of course the most important choices you can make is what am I going to spend my time on it? And what am I going to say no to? 

139. Theme - mindfulness, pause 

[00:38:43] Marc Champagne: It's doing everything possible to pause the autopilot and to think.

[00:38:49] It's so easy to, like you just said, it's so easy to just spend. And I fall into this all the time, but the more I deploy these practices, the more self-aware and the [00:39:00] more I can catch myself and give that micro pause to make a different decision and see the path forward. Or the one that feels the most.

140. Theme - mindfulness, focus on the present, meaningful relationships

Peter Bregman:[01:09:56] Wow, life really is like monopoly. Like you're [01:10:00] playing this game and you're making a ton of money and it's fake, but you get by hotels and things like that. And you could, and you get totally competitive and you could win. You could definitely win. And as, and we could totally focus that. But in the end, you close the board and you put the money back into the little plastic container and you shut it.

[01:10:19] And then the question is what was important about that game? What was the most important thing about that monopoly game and yes, the competition and the fun and all of that, but it's did I enjoy my time with the people I was playing with? Did we have fun? Were we engaged? Did I put myself in it?

[01:10:38] But in a way that like enhanced our relationship, instead of storming away saying you cheated and Bubba, was it fun? Was I connected with those people? That is the only thing that matters. After a game of monopoly, it doesn't matter who won. It's meaningless who won. And I, to me, I think profiting in life is [01:11:00] playing your life.

  1. Persistence and or/Spirituality 

143. Theme - persistence

[00:39:16] Matteo Franceschetti: Probably never giving up. So I just keep going and that just pushed me forward. 

141. Theme - spirituality, persistence

[00:46:29] Teri Ijeoma: I'm a very spiritual person.

[00:46:30] So I do say that like believing in a higher power, believing in God and believing that there is a reason, why I'm helping all these people, because the world will be a better place. I think that's been really a big blessing for me. And then just persistence. Keep going. Even when it gets tough, just keep going.

125. Theme - spirituality, community

Joel Brown: And so for me, my big thing is making sure I'm surrounded by great and powerful people and powerful in the fact that they're coming from the truest power and the most potent power, which is love, and creation and yeah, my spiritual walk is super important for me.

  1. Self-Confidence/Positive Affirmations/Believe in Yourself

123.  Theme: Self confidence

Mike Bayer: [00:57:37] My secret to profiting in life is believing that I'm capable and that I am a bad-ass. That is my secret.

124. Theme: Self confidence, positive affirmations

Sarah Centrella: [00:57:12] Gosh, I would say two things. One identifying that you do want

whatever it is, something better, more money, the career, the job, whatever the thing is. So getting to a place where you allow yourself to want it is really big. And then the second piece that has been really pivotal for me, especially when it comes to financial manifestations and abundance manifestations is removing some of those limiting beliefs, like identifying what they are and changing them.

And instead of putting those into the world or lack beliefs into the world, really changing those into abundance one. So I think putting those two pieces together for me has just changed everything when it comes [00:58:00] to, profiting and becoming more abundant in general, in all areas of my life. 

134 & 135. Theme - self confidence, positive affirmations

Marissa Peer: 

Tell Yourself A Better Lie.

[00:42:07] And I guess that's one of my secrets. 

[00:43:00] I matter, I am lovable and I'm worthy of a loving relationship. I'm worthy of someone adoring me. I'm worthy of earning a lot of money. That was a lie. When I said it became true, I have an amazing marriage. I wouldn't have even my life now. I couldn't have imagined that life when I was 17 or even 28, I couldn't have imagined having two homes and the life we have the love, we have the impact we make on people.

[00:43:29] And that's all because I began to tell myself a better lie than the first lie, which is, I don't matter. I'm a geek. I'm stupid. I can't even have a baby. That was the first lie, but I told myself a better lie. And it's an amazing thing. 

  1. Focus

132. Theme - responsibility, clarity, focus

[00:54:21] Daniel Amen: So in 1986, I wrote a book called the Sabotage Factor. All the ways we mess ourselves up from getting what we want. And the number one hallmark of self-defeating behavior is blaming other people for how your life turns out. So I take responsibility and responsibilities, never blame. It's just my ability to respond to whatever situation comes my way.

[00:54:47] So it starts with that. And then it goes to, what do you want? Clarity clearly defining what you want. Relationships, work ,money, physical [00:55:00] emotional, spiritual health. I have an exercise called the One Page Miracle, write it out and write what you want, not what you don't want. Focus on negativity will bring more negativity in your life.

142. Theme - focus 

[01:10:54] Just making a clear choice. Just trying to concentrate on one [01:11:00] thing. 

[01:11:46] Keep it tidy. Don't add other stuff to it. Because if you get that clarity of communication about what it is to others and to yourself, you have more chance that [01:12:00] you and other people will get it. 

Miscellaneous Themes

130. Theme - giving

[00:50:04] Jasmine Star: Giving more than you get .

131. Theme - scaling, trust others (community)

[00:48:51] Adam Posner: My secret to profiting in life are two things. One is scaling, being able to outsource and start to trust others.

[00:48:57] And really because your time is finite, you cannot [00:49:00] manufacture it. But what you can do is scale it. So I think the biggest thing from a success standpoint is being able to scale, being able to trust other people. And that's when you will really see things open up, cause then you'll be able to multiply.

[00:49:12] And multiply your efforts .

133. Theme - Fitness

Robert Leonard: I think my answer is fitness and [00:52:00] I, personally am a very active guy. This probably comes from being an athlete and, racing, motorcross, etcetera. But I, personally believe no matter who you are, I think you need to have a component of fitness in your life.

[00:52:11] And now a lot of times people get me confused and think that they have to go out and be an Olympic bodybuilder or, do crazy things like that. And that's not what I mean. I just mean get out and sweat every single day, whatever that means for you. Maybe it's going on a walk, maybe it's lifting weights.

[00:52:25] Maybe it's running. Maybe it's riding a bike, whatever that is. Get out sweat a little bit. Every day, it'll have a massive impact on your life. It'll have a massive impact on your career, your relationships, your business, whatever it is you want to do. I think it is so overlooked and I think it can have a massive impact on whatever you're doing.


Nicole Moore: [00:51:42] I think my energy helps me, but I have belief. I go for it, like I, I make it happen. I love coaching and then I'm like, I want to coach the celebrities.

I went after that, I made it happen. I believed I cleared, I have other dreams that are, feel bigger than where I'm at right now. And I believe that I can, and I see these things [00:52:00] as inevitable. Not that I don't have doubts or sometimes feel not good enough or ah, like I have that voice

too, but I will go forward. Anyway. I think that's the biggest thing. Like I throw myself in the fire all the time. If I'm scared, I still do it. I do so many things where I'm like, I don't know if I can do this, but I'm just going to try. I'm just going to do it. So I don't let fear of not being good enough fear of, I don't let the fear stop me.

I just move forward anyway. And I think that's the biggest secret. 

103. Themes: ENERGY 

Brit Morin: My secret to profiting and life is to become incredibly aware of what fills me with energy rather than takes it from me. And I think this is a pattern that a lot of people get into where they're habitually doing the same thing every day. And that could be in work or in your home life. And if you Chronicle all of the things that you're doing, I bet you more than 50% of them are energy draining, not energy giving.

And so the question becomes, how do you either delegate the energy draining stuff or, make that sub 10% and fill your days and fill your life with the things that are energy giving to you because. Life is short and we don't have time to spend wasting our energy. We should be filling our energy and therefore [00:50:00] it becomes contagious to others.

And if we're all doing that, how much better of a world could we create? 


Greg McKeown: [01:05:02] What is your secret to profiting in life?

The first answer that comes to me is my wife, Anna. That is the answer to that question. I've I have very rarely made a poor decision. If we've spent time talking about it, working together she has uncommon common sense. She's really savvy, wicked smart. But she's also just deeply good. And if you want to talk about like residual results, marry the right person is serious.

Like we've heard that advice before. I'm sure all of us have, but that's seriously good advice. It's one decision that produces a thousand results and she's just like the highest trust person I've ever met. And and so she is a secret for how to profit in life. 

100. N/A Hala secrets episode

106. N/A

120. Themes: N/A

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