YAPLive: The Rise of Clubhouse: Navigating Drop-In Audio & Growing Influence [Part 1] | Uncut Version

YAPLive: The Rise of Clubhouse: Navigating Drop-In Audio & Growing Influence [Part 1] | Uncut Version

How can you optimize Clubhouse to make the most out of your experience?

Today on the show Hala is joined by top moderators, influencers, social media executives and club owners to talk about how Clubhouse first got started and where it has gone in the many months of skyrocketing popularity! With the anticipated rollout of all new Android users just around the corner, Clubhouse experts trying to cultivate the right environment for the platform.

In the second half, Hala also takes questions from the audience about how to best utilize Clubhouse, and what the future might look like for the popular social media platform.

**Meet the panel**

Mario Armstrong –

Emmy Award winning Media entrepreneur, tech expert and on-air personality who regularly appears on NBC’s TODAY.


Steve Olsher – Steve has created several multi-million dollar companies from scratch and is currently the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine.


Polina Groman –

Polina is an award winning global strategic advisor and visionary connector. PolinaGro.com

Dmitry Shapiro – CEO of Koji, a new link in bio app, and a former Google Executive and CTO of Myspace.

Christian Bourdeau – Business Analyst at Playstation and CH Town Hall moderator.

Ade Ade – Engineering at Netflix and startup adviser.

Suhaib Imtiaz – Founder of the largest club in Clubhouse – The Human Behaviour Club, Suhaib is a Board Certified Lifestyle medicine doctor

Michael Robinson – Investor, advisor and strategist and the creator of the Founders Guild Mastermind.

Joey Hickson – Joey Hickson is a social media producer and influencer with a 4M+ following on Instagram

Caroline Geraghty

– The Clubhouse Newbie Expert an Clubhouse Manage rat YAP Media

Tanner Chidester – American fitness coach, entrepreneur, and former fashion model

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