#86: Negotiate Anything with Alexandra Carter

#86: Negotiate Anything with Alexandra Carter

Learn how to get what you want!

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Alexandra Carter, an award-winning negotiation trainer and professor at Columbia Law School. She is also best-selling author of ‘Ask For More.’ She has worked closely with leaders at major organizations like Google, Zynga, the United Nations, and NBCUniversal.

Today, we’ll talk about Alex’s journey to be a world-class academic and negotiation expert she is today as well as the basics you should know before going into a negotiation. We will also dig deeper into how to gather information during a negotiation, common mistakes made in a negotiation, and why you should continue to ask for more, even during a pandemic.

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02:54 – Alex’s Career Journey

06:24 – Her Most Intense Negotiation Story

08:51 – Definition of Negotiation

10:40 – What are Mirror Questions?

14:55 – What are Window Questions?

18:41 – Information Gathering Techniques

22:28 – How to Begin a Negotiation

30:53 – Sexism vs. Feedback

39:02 – Biggest Pitfalls of Negotiations

41:41 – How to Understand Feelings

48:30 – How to Ask For More in a Pandemic

53:10 – Alex’s Secret to Profiting in Life

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Alex’s Website: https://alexcarterasks.com/

Alex’s Book, Ask For Morehttps://alexcarterasks.com/book/

Alex’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandrabcarter/

Alex’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandrabcarter/