#78: Find Your Power with Jayson Waller

#78: Find Your Power with Jayson Waller

#78: Find Your Power with Jayson Waller

The way to have power is to go out and take it! Today we’re chatting with Jayson Waller, the CEO of PowerHome Solar, America’s new superpower in home energy. Jayson is also the host of True Underdog Podcast, a top how to podcast on Apple Podcasts. Jayson has a remarkable life story. He’s true underdog, he grew up in a trailer park, suffered childhood abuse, dropped out of college, and to top it off he was a teen dad. But, he rose against all odds to become the award winning CEO of PowerHome Solar, a $300 million dollar company. In this episode we’ll: Talk about Jayson’s inspiring come up story and what led him too become an entrepreneur We’ll uncover why he risked it all – selling his house and all his assets to fund the turnaround of his business after a rocky year 1 And how he decided to pivot his home security business to solar power which led him to ultimately scale up to a $300 million dollar company in less than 5 years

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