#63: Find Your Dream Job with Kristin Sherry

#63: Find Your Dream Job with Kristin Sherry

Are you ready to snag your dream job? Lucky for you, this episode features Kristin Sherry, a career coach, international speaker, best-selling author and founder of YouMap. Kristen has s mission in life to help people identify their perfect career. Her Youmap career profile helps people see the unique contribution they can bring to work through their strengths, values, preferred skills and personality. Kristen is a Linkedin power user and has been featured in publications like Inc.com and Entrepreneur Magazine. Tune in to get Kristen’s advice on what to do if you are unhappy with your job, learn how to prepare for entrepreneurship, and hear her practical tips for landing your next job interview. Download Kristin’s resources here: https://www.myyoumap.com/worksheets

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