#58: Join The Food Revolution with Eric Edmeades

#58: Join The Food Revolution with Eric Edmeades

Sponsored by Video Husky. If your’e looking for affordable video editing services to take your marketing to the next level check out /cart.videohusky.com/youngandprofiting and get 30% off your first month! Eat your way into being young and fit! This week Hala interviews Eric Edmeades, most notably known for being a pioneer in the food revolution as the founder WildFit, a fast-growing nutritional coaching program exclusively offered by Mindvalley. Eric also a very experienced public speaker who has logged over 10,000 hours on stage! In #58, we’ll uncover Eric’s perspective on nutrition like what we should and shouldn’t eat, we’ll start to understand the psychology behind our food cravings and we’ll get insight from his time spent with the Bushmen tribe in Africa, who live similarly to those from the Stone Age! As a bonus we’ll also learn his amazing tips to tell better stories and prepare for speaking engagements. **Please note: Eric was on the road when we recorded this interview, and as a result this episode has unusually poor audio quality. However, the content is still exceptional.

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