#125: Become a Visionary Leader with Joel Brown

#125: Become a Visionary Leader with Joel Brown

#125: Become a Visionary Leader with Joel Brown

Do you struggle to live authentically?

In this episode, we are chatting with Joel Brown, mentor, coach, podcast host, and visionary expert. Joel founded the #1 motivation website Addicted2Success.com with hundreds of millions of views worldwide. His Addicted2Success podcast has achieved more than 3.2 Million downloads.

Joel has traveled the world teaching thousands of people how to stand in their vision for success so they can turn their dreams into a reality. He’s worked alongside the likes of Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jay Shetty, and Simon Sinek. He’s been featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Foundr to name a few.

In this episode, we talk about how Joel started out his career in radio and music, his top tips for networking, and the importance of moving past revenue. We’ll also chat about how to create a 10-year vision, the importance of being guided by your values, and the reason to always focus on inspiration versus motivation. If you’re looking to level up your life and get serious about your vision, you do not want to miss this episode!

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01:02 – What Joel Was Like As a Teenager And How He Became Inspired

05:40 – How Joel Got Into Radio

14:06 – Joel’s Top Tips for Networking

18:40 – What Happened After Joel Realized Music Wasn’t For Him

23:51 – How To Create a 10-Year Vision

30:29 – Why You Should Focus on Inspiration Versus Motivation

37:40 – How To Move Past Revenge to Meaning

47:46 – The Way To Be Guided By Your Values

55:41 – Why Self-Sabotage Doesn’t Exist

59:36 – How To Become a Better Negotiator

1:04:56 – Joel’s Secret to Profiting in Life

Mentioned In The Episode:

Joel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjoelbrown/?hl=en

Joel’s Podcast: https://www.iamjoelbrown.com/podcast/

Joel’s Website: https://www.iamjoelbrown.com/

Joel’s Coaching Program: https://www.iamjoelbrown.com/coach/