Natasha Grano: Master Your Mindset | E110

Natasha Grano: Master Your Mindset | E110

Manifest your success with the right mindset!

In today’s episode, we are chatting with Natasha Grano, a massive Instagram influencer, mindset coach and motivational speaker. In just two years, Natasha grew her Instagram to 1.2 Million followers after researching social media growth strategies for almost three years. Natasha has helped thousands of people to learn the art of manifestation to improve their lives. She is also the best-selling author of Action Plan, which focuses on how to implement the Law of Attraction.

Natasha created the renowned MBS Method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) – which helps people transform to a greater life!

Drawing on her own traumatic experiences she went through, Natasha shows you how to transform your life in every area and take back control of your health, wealth, love and success. Her programs have helped over 1.5 Million people transform their lives. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Daily Mail, and BBC.

In this episode, Natasha and I talk about her beginnings as a child, the major illness she faced right after giving birth, and how she overcame that difficult time by identifying the need to make a mindset shift. We then talk further about how she super-charged her Instagram account, her top social media strategies, how you can grow a following, and the ways in which you can fight off negativity and negative thoughts.

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01:26 – Natasha’s Childhood

03:13 – What Natasha Wanted to Be As a Child

04:55 – Obstacles of Natasha’s Illness With a Newborn

08:45 – How Natasha Figured Herself Out

12:24 – Natasha’s Start on Social Media and Her Growth

15:32 – Natasha’s Social Scaling Strategy

20:41 – Thoughts on Engagement Pods and Shoutouts

25:24 – Natasha’s Resources on How to Grow a Following

26:53 – How to Combat Online Negativity

29:48 – The Law of Attraction and Cold Showers

32:03 – How to Turn Off Negative Thoughts

36:42 – How to Change How You Feel About Negative Topics

41:46 – Natasha’s Secret to Profiting in Life

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[00:00:00] Hala Taha: You're listening to YAP young and profiting podcast, a place where you can listen, learn, and profit. Welcome to the show. I'm your host Hala Taha and on young and profiting podcast, we investigate a new topic each week and interview some of the brightest minds in the world. My goal is to turn their wisdom into actionable advice that you can use in your everyday life.

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The art of entrepreneurship and more, if you're smart and like to continually improve yourself, hit the subscribe button because you'll love it here at young [00:01:00] and profiting podcasts this week on yap. We're chatting with Natasha Grano, the nation's number one mindset. And number one female motivational speaker under 40 in the world.

Natasha is also a social media expert and mega influencer that reaches over 5 million people across her digital platforms. On top of this, Natasha is a bestselling author and she released her first book back in March of 2020. How to implement the law of attraction in your life in under an hour, Natasha created the renowned MBS method, which stands for meditational, behavioral synchronicity. 


on her own traumatic experiences. Natasha shows you how to transform your life in every area and take back control of your health. Wealth, love and success. Her programs have helped over 1.5 million people transform their lives. And she's been featured in Marie, Claire daily mail and BBC, and this episode, Natasha and I talk about her beginnings as a child, the major illness she faced right [00:02:00] after giving.

And how she overcame that difficult time by identifying the need to make a mindset shift. We then talk further about how she's supercharged her Instagram account, her top social media strategies, how you can grow a following, just like she did and the ways in which you can fight off negativity and negative thoughts.

Hey, Natasha. Welcome to young and profiting podcast. 

Natasha Grano: Hi. 

Hello. How are you? Thank you so much for having me. 

Hala Taha: Of 

course, we were just chatting offline about, how well it feels like we know each other. We actually met each other on clubhouse just two or three weeks ago. And I was telling you I feel like I've spent more time with you than some of my best friends in the last two, three weeks.

It's just so crazy how the world works. 

Natasha Grano: I know isn't this nuts. I literally talking to you. I'm like, you're like a friend. We keep having to say to each other. Okay. After this one, because we do so much work together. We're like after this let's chat together and catch up. There's just so much to talk about.

When you meet a new friend, you just know. 

Hala Taha: Yeah, I know it's so [00:03:00] exciting. And honestly, guys, if you haven't heard of Natasha Grano, she is crushing it. She is a huge Instagram influencer. She has over 1 million followers. We're going to talk about how she grew, that she's a mindset coach. She's also a motivational speaker and is really killing it in that space and a bestselling author.

So much to talk about, but first I want to talk about your childhood because me and you are very similar in the fact that we love the limelight, we love being in the limelight. And a lot of the times usually it's because you had a childhood where you weren't in the limelight or something along those lines.

So I want to understand what was Natasha like growing up? What were you like, from a child into an adult and in a few words, but what was your childhood and growing up like for 


Natasha Grano: That's such an interesting topic. How do I love it? So my childhood was very colorful. I actually. Loved performing.

I went to in my early days, I might like little girl years. I was into dancing and singing and performing, and I did all of that. And then as I got bigger, [00:04:00] I started getting into real late into performing arts. And then to actually a lot of speaking, I would be the narrator for things. I would be the spokesperson for things at school, and then it led on et cetera.

And then my family during that time went through a divorce. And what happened was I lost a lot of my confidence. And so it was like about building that back up because I've been through this really horrendous time in my life. And I had to continue putting on this front and a lot gets built into your subconscious during those years.

That's what I teach now is how to eradicate the self limiting beliefs out of your subconscious mind to manifest what you want. But what was going on was that. Suffering so much from all of the trauma that was going on. And I had to find ways to look after myself and protect myself. And that was what I used to do.

I used to go out and before I used to go and dance, I used to go and feel like a little star. And then it's interesting because that was the start of my journey. But it didn't look like this [00:05:00] on a crescendo. If you might laugh going from the bottom to the top in a straight line. No, that was a huge dip in the middle about we'll get into.

Hala Taha: Yeah. And so how about like career wise? So you were into speaking than your, your family had a divorce that kind of changed your trajectory a little bit hurt your self esteem. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you have any idea? 

Natasha Grano: So growing up, I knew that I wanted to do something that used my voice because I have always loved speaking.

I speak five language. Almost fluently, all of them. I really love using voice and speaking to people. So I knew that was something I wanted to do, but really I had no idea. I thought actually I wanted to be a dancer for a while. Cause I love to perform. And then I realized actually, that's just who I am.

That's just something that I can do as part of Natasha. But it wasn't my passion. It was only much later in life that I, in my mid to late twenties. So it's still super [00:06:00] young to find your purpose, but that's when I found my real calling, I've always been studying everything that I've been. That I teach now around mindset, around law of attraction, around anything to do with neuroscience and the brain and this sort of connect it to the woo stuff, connecting.

I've always been interested in this stuff. And so the cooling that she came. Later on. 

Hala Taha: I'm like smiling from ear to ear because this is the response that I literally give when somebody asks me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always say, I just knew it had something to do with my voice. Literally the words that come out of my mouth every single time, because I was a singer and I wanted to be a singer, but I didn't like, that kind of evolved into radio and podcasting.

And so I always say that. So we have that in common. So funny. So you mentioned one kind of challenge in your life. And I know a huge challenge that came later on was after the birth of your son. So talk to us about what happened [00:07:00] then and how you got out of that bad situation. 

Natasha Grano: So the birth of my son.

Was the most incredible day of my life. And also a very, it was very hard for me with what happened in the buck, but we'll just fast forward, a tiny bit of time the bus came and it was the, the most euphoric time is meant to be the most euphoric time, but suddenly an illness hits me. So I'm completely bedbound for the next year.

I can barely move because of the illness, which by the way, for a lot of people wouldn't have had them bed-bound but the anxiety level. Is what takes it out of control the heart medication I had to take while I was on it. It was an autoimmune disease, a very bad one that hit me real bad. And so I had to overcome it, but this was so I was now looking after a newborn baby.

And now I've got this illness. Now I'm almost bed bound. Suddenly I'm going through a horrendous divorce. And my life is coming, crashing down, everything around me, everything I've built is just [00:08:00] falling in on me. It was like being on this flying carpet and Aladdin and it being removed from underneath you.

It was so scary. It was horrible. It was traumatic. And then I thought my parents had been through it. It was now I'm going through it. It was, this is literally like 10 years apart. It was just like trauma. I was like, this is horrendous, when pain hits you to tell you're going in the wrong direction, whether it's financial, emotional, or mental pain.

Spiritual, whatever it is, you're going in the wrong direction. It's just a red light symbol as it happened to me, when the pain hit me, I knew, okay, something needs to change. This is not good, but now I'm going through a divorce. I'm better. I'm so I'm, I've lost all my money. Everything now has happened around me.

I've moved back in with my parents. I've lost. So imagine this broke almost homeless, young single mum. It couldn't be much worse. Who's not well, and then from that place is where my calling. When you're at your lowest and you feel that you could die any day, you're having three panic attacks a day.

And if any, for anyone that knows who [00:09:00] is suffering from anxiety in any way, even anxiety gets you hot and sweaty. Now multiply that into what, imagine what it would be like. Don't imagine it's just not worth it. And when I went through it, I couldn't, I could barely move. I could, whenever I would go out the house, I would have a panic attack.

Just the thought of, if something happened to me, it was like this awful cycle. So from that place of being at my lowest, from that place of thinking, like my life is never going to get better, that was where I realized it is going to get better. And it's up to me. It's my choice. No more of the victim mentality.

I either just live like this. I've lost my sparkle. I've lost this like inner sparkle that you can see right now, the, in a sparkle that everybody loves about you, about me your energy, your excitement for life. When that goes you feel dead. And I felt dead. And then after that is where I reignited that flame.

And even if it would only flicker a tiny bit before the wind would come along and the next thing would happen after that year. Of doing all [00:10:00] my techniques and applying my amazing toolkit of techniques using my MBS method, I was able to heal myself 

Hala Taha: Amazing. And so I went through a similar thing when I was about 19.

I had a really bad breakup and that's when I found the law of attraction and I actually got hooked. Abraham and Esther Hicks. I'm not sure if you know who they are, but I read all their books. I listened to all their stuff on repeat. And then literally that changed my life. I went from average college kid to working at hot 97, having the coolest job, starting a huge website, my whole life changed.

So I want to know did you have an influence on you that kind of introduced you to the law of attraction? Or did you figure this out on your own? Like how did you figure it all 


Natasha Grano: This is a combination of three things happened to me. One when I was about 15 and going through the, my parents divorced when I was the victim of that, I started to look inward.

And so that's when I found within myself that when we pray, we talk to them. [00:11:00] When we meditate, God talks to us, or however you want to see it, the messages come to you. So in that place, I was able to start going online and looking and researching it. Mentors, who you have, people who became my mentor and getting myself a mentor years later, I'd read a lot.

I read all the books from the secret, and I'm now friends with some of the authors from the secret. Such a beautiful thing. And I'm actually cooking tonight with one of them, just for a catch-up. This is amazing that these people who I have once I realize and listen to their words, when our working together, we now do stuff, it just shows how time shifts.

And when you raise your frequency to a certain place, you elevate to a certain place where you attract what you want, you attract things you never thought you could have in your existence. They just happened to be there because you're at resonating with such a high frequent. And I asked you a question I would study, I would read, I read books and, I went on to write my book about the law of attraction.

I would, I actually watched a lot of cha I'm not religious as such, I [00:12:00] believe in the universe, I believe in God, but I actually watched a lot of programs. Stuff on YouTube. And I found Joel Osteen, who is a amazing, I call him one of my mentors, my early mentors and John Gravies too. And John just came on my show, which is so incredible to think of, but these guys really were a part of saving me.

I would say in my earlier years when I really was lost because they preach about spirituality versus. Religion. And that's what I liked. So I really enjoyed it and it was a really connecting and helpful. So that's where that went. But then I got into reading myself books and studying and going through the black hole of YouTube where you just spiral downwards about how to get what you.

What not to do. And they just went like this. And then I started seeing how I could do things. So by the age of 18, I had left school and within six months manifested my first amazing call that I wanted all these years. Now I look back on it and like just the thought of manifesting material stuff is different for me now, I would never [00:13:00] think of manifesting material. I barely do think of manifesting a material thing. It's always about something bigger, greater something for the greater good of others. But back then, I didn't have any idea about what true manifestation was. So I'm at this white range Rover and I just remember going, wow.

That's how it works. 

Hala Taha: My favorite thing to do is to manifest parking spots because I lived in New York. Cool. That's amazing. And I know you like studying, you just talked about studying about the law of attraction. It turns out you also studied to become an influencer. You studied Instagram and YouTube for two years before you actually did.

Any action, which is incredible. And my research team tells me that in 2017, you bought an Instagram page. That was a decently popular fashion blogger had 20,000 followers. You scaled that to 1 million followers. And so tell me this is such a cool strategy. A lot of people start from scratch.

You started from the bottom, but you had a little bit of a head start. So tell me about how you figured that out, why you decided you were going to take that 


[00:14:00] Natasha Grano: So I love this question, Hala. This is one of my favorite to answer because here's another part of who you are, right? Who I am, who anyone is when you, once you get your vision clear of what you want to do.

So for me, it was, I needed to grow a platform first and then inject my brand. So instead of looking at the industry like this, I disrupted it and looked at it horizontally and stuff. When you turn it on its head and you look at the pyramid upside down, you know that you need to have an audience before you sell otherwise.

What the hell is the point of having a product and nobody to sell to? So when you, I needed to grow my platform and then get brands. So I thought, okay no, nobody has time to be growing this page. So at the time again, I was unwell and I didn't know what to do. So I decided to buy a page of a well-known blogger.

And I just took her page. She already had what 50 K followers or something. And I just took it and started using it. And that was really fun. And she already had interactive followers. She already had people who [00:15:00] were interacting with her. She already had people who communicative with her. So it was a no brainer really just to go for it.

That meant that I had to stay in the same alignment as what she was posting, which was lifestyle. Which was fine. Cause I was working with all brands from fashion, beauty lifestyle, the whole way across. And I was able to stick with that theme, but I knew where it was going. I knew that Natasha, the entrepreneur would be birthed out of this page sooner or later, she would grow from this page, like the Pearl in the shell.

And she would come out of it, thinking about the Chally Nana and she would become something. And I said, but how do I do that? So I knew I needed to use this audience to grow this audience, scaled it to a million injected my brand. I now have three businesses. I'm a best selling author. And I was able to let people know how I could help them.

Hence being, a leading mindset coach. I was able to do that. So now as it nearly 2 million followers, [00:16:00] And because of that, I've been able, the doors have opened a bit incredible. So I would always recommend going in at the top if you can, because it's like having a door open to you. So for anyone that's listening, thinking, where can I buy it page?

The best place to look for them is on like hashtags, like hashtag pages for sale, Instagram pages for sale selling my Instagram account, those kinds of hashtags. And when you do that, we'll just ask around. We'll just offer somebody, somebody just really posts anymore. To be like, pretty like your Instagram.

Can I buy it from you? 

Hala Taha: Yeah. And I think that your investment wasn't even that crazy at the time, right? 

Natasha Grano: No, it was it was nearly six figures. 

Hala Taha: Oh, 

wow. My numbers were really off for my research team, but that's amazing. Like it's such a cool strategy and I can see like personal brands and businesses using it.

So that's really cool. But tell us some strategies in terms of how you scaled from 50 K to almost 2 million followers now, like what was your strategy? 

Natasha Grano: So it was so many strategies. Okay. I'm [00:17:00] going to just go for some of my top three things that we did that we still do that we're scaling now, like 150,200,000 a month.

We're going up exponentially. My tradition, she is big, but it needs to be because I need to hit a hundred million people. Why do I want to hit a hundred million people? Because I need to be able to serve a hundred million people. It's like when people say, oh, I don't care. They're about money, but you should care about money because the more money that you make, the more you can help others.

The more philanthropy can do. The more you can give scholarships to people, to your courses, the more you can help others to get onto your courses because you're reaching more people because you're paying for more and you're paying for more exposure, et cetera. So it's the same with Instagram when people say, oh, I don't care about followers.

People won't know about you P your message. Won't go very far because Instagram is the new business card. Your snoot genius on LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn is not my platform. That's your platform, but I know that acts also like a business card. So when people, if they find you on one of the platforms and you have a massive following, a really big vibe going on, [00:18:00] People will respect it.

They will come to say, oh, she's refutable. I trust her. I trust him. I'm going to trust him. I'm going to follow him. I'm going to fall from him, but they won't buy from you if they come to a page and you got like a couple of thousand followers, they just won't swipe. It's a bit like the swipe left on Tinder.

I don't know one of these ads. No, they just don't want to see it. They don't trust it, but maybe they would, if you just had a few more followers. And so that is so important is having big numbers. So what do we do? We did so many things. We posted generic content three times a day while we were growing. So what I would do.

We did a two to one method. I have my 3, 2, 1 method, which is Bulletproof on how to gain new clients leads and accelerate your business. And that is all in my programs that I have in my ecosystem. But this is a great tip, which I'll just tell you right now with the two to one method. And it's so simple.

Anyone listening can actually apply them. Yes. Get your Instagram ready. So what you do is you basically. Two posts a day, which are generic content stuff, which is called [00:19:00] go viral content stuff, which is going to make other people go, wow, what is that? And it's not about you. This is stuff, which is about a similar area that you're in the same niche that you're in or niche the same one.

And it has to be stuff that people will automatically like. When you're scrolling through your feed and you double tap on a really cool quote or a super cool car with a quote over it, or like success, mindset tips, I write a lot of them and they go viral, things like that.

That you double-tap naturally what we're looking for is a natural double tap, a share, a save, send a story, a comment. All of this is where you go viral, because if you gain heaps of likes comments, views, shares all in the same 10 minutes or one hour of posting maximum, you will probably go to the explore page because Instagram will deem your posts as a super cool popular post.

And then we'll do it to other people who might like that kind of content as they go to explore. And so we would do that. We would pose two of those, [00:20:00] either side of my main post each day. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. And key to that is no branding. No branding really on those posts was your face on there 

Natasha Grano: or cue animals. It was like everything around everyone.

But it was, some of it was completely generic. Like the sweet animal thing, like cute little things playing, but some of it was in keeping with my brand. So quotes around, like I said, mindset, or, quotes on how to scale your business on social media things, which I would eventually release my own products on.

And so we put that and we still do that because it gets really big eyeballs on your page. The crazy thing is sometimes we have ads running with content, which has nothing to do with them. Just about growth on social media or how to get your mindset, and then we just bring them to the page and that's a great way.

So that's a really quick way to get some numbers on that. So we did that method two to one. Another method that we did was we used every single feature and we still do this guys. We use every single new feature that comes out. [00:21:00] Let's just hit on the story for a second. Every time one story, a new sticker comes out, we're using it because that means we're going to get noticed by way more people, every time you swipe and on your story, you've got like story reels, photo booth, the latest one right now. So we'll be using photo booth because that's a new feature. And when you use a new feature, it means it's not saturated and a not saturated market means you stand out and you want to stand out. So that is the place to go viral from very quickly. Use the new features.

These are a couple of things we did. 

Hala Taha: Oh, my gosh, these are incredible tips. And the new feature thing is not something people usually talk about, especially using new stickers and things. These are things people don't really think about. How about paid shout outs, engagement pods. I know those are really popular on Instagram.

What's your take on that kind of stuff. 

Natasha Grano: Okay. So this goes into two boxes, influencer marketing, and then. Who's in your little black book. So in your little black book, my little black book, we have [00:22:00] 250 million followers between me and them. So I have two and they have nearly two, and then they have the rest of it, 248 million.

That means whatever I am releasing a product or service, the launch buzz around it is through the roof because we have. For the war before we've even got to the battlefield, we've already won it because everybody is promoting my product in a box before it comes out. So it's sold out on the day if it's an actual e-commerce product, but if it's actually a service that we're offering, That already in the lineup that already in the next time join next time books.

It's incredible. So that should go black book. And if you do that, how do you do that? Someone's thinking now. Okay. How wait, hang on, slow down. How do I get those people? You build your network is your net worth. Build it. Get to know people. Get out there. Start, doing other things where we will offer them value before you ask for something, Hey, look, Hey, I could do this for you.

Would you like this? Or would you [00:23:00] like to free product? Can I offer you this? Can I offer you that? When you start getting to know people, networking, getting out there, making friends with the right people, adding them to your blog. This is why your net left grows from believe me. Okay. We work with such incredible individuals from grant Cardone Lewis, Howes, Jesse Itzler Damon John.

They're such fantastic people that have been on my show or I've been on that us and some, we continue to work together and the point is, yeah. When you do this, you have such amazing lengths. Imagine now, if you had some of these people and you had a product that you wanted to promote and you could get these kinds of people promoting your product or in your line of work, you had a heap of people who are.

Massive influences in your area. For example, you're in fitness, Tammy. Hambro she is so hot. Love her vibe. So imagine her promoting all your fitness stuff, you just know it's going to get massive numbers. Cause she's got like a million followers. And she's got a [00:24:00] really good, if you look at her interactions on her things, loads of comments, loads of likes, et cetera.

That's what we're looking at. You just know that's a really good person to have in your network. Now, if you're on the other side of it, you're just starting out. You don't have the connections yet. Then you have to do paid influencer marketing. 100% invested in this. It is priceless having loads of influences.

Doing exactly the process. I just talked about that I do with my buddies. You guys can do that. You can pay them. I would still do influence marketing. If I had to meet a certain criteria of an audience, I would 100% be doing influencer marketing because I started as an influencer. So I know the power of the swipe puck.

I know the palette of a post. I stand how much money it makes for the brand. So yes, coming from both sides of it, do it. You don't have to pay an influence that happens. 2 million following or something like my following. You don't have to do that necessarily. You could go for someone with 20,000 followers.

Who's been on Instagram for five years and she has some amazing [00:25:00] comments likes and her fan base love her. They're going to, so believe me, you don't always have to go for the big bucks. You can do it smaller. Then my final tip on the shout-out thing is this go for it. If you want to just grow quick. And you've got a 10 K following.

Okay. Go to someone. Who's got a 20 K following say, Hey, do you want to do shout out the shallows called S F S that's free and say you shout at each other on your stories or on your posts. That's such a great way to grow. 

Hala Taha: Oh my gosh. These are incredible tips. And back to the networking piece, I just want to call this out for my listeners.

What she's talking about is social currency. It's social capital. She was saying she does things for her. Network first, like for example, you invite them on your podcast and you promote them on your page already. You've gained some social currency with those people because now they, even though if they don't realize it subconsciously they know they owe you something because you promoted them on your pages, you had them on your podcast.

And then now if you have a fever later on, they're more likely to say. Because you already provided that value and asked for [00:26:00] nothing in return. So I think that's a really important lesson. And Natasha tell us in terms of social media, like what resources do you have available? Do you have anything free that you can provide or do you have courses on how to grow an Instagram?

Natasha Grano: Absolutely. So if you go to my bio, there is always a link there to one of my free programs and how you guys can learn how to grow your following in a three-step free process that gets you prepared. That's the foundation for the main 12 step process where you're really going to explode and grow your Instagram and scale it.

The main thing is to scale your business on social media, the same way that I grew my following to a million followers in a million dollars in one year of the back of being unwell and healing. In that first year I came back with vengeance. You can do it too. And so it's so easy when you know how that link is in my bio.

And if you don't see it. Insta course, and I will have my team send you some amazing free resources. 

[00:27:00] Hala Taha: I personally want to take your course, cause I'm like nobody on Instagram yet. I'm just growing it. Now. I feel like I met you for this reason. I feel like your learnings are going to teach me how to blow up my Instagram and then I hopefully can blow up your LinkedIn and we could just dominate together.

Natasha. I'm excited. 

Natasha Grano: Yes, babe. Love it. Hi-five.

Hala Taha: Okay, so let's move on to mindset. And the way that I'm going to segue into this is to talk to you about trolls and haters, because I imagine with 2 million following that, not everybody is positive on your page. So have you encountered trolls and haters as you've become an influencer and gotten more attention?

And how do you combat that negativity? 

Natasha Grano: So I actually don't really focus on it because whenever the festival is few and far between secondly, there's on Instagram, you can block key words. So I have blocked keywords, like fat, anything racist, anything rude, anything obnoxious, any words that I don't want to see, or I don't like, or that are [00:28:00] offensive and rude, I just have them blocks.

So you can block keywords. So I've blocked all of those. So on the comments. So I wouldn't, I don't really tend to see them. When they come through on the DMS, usually my team filter it first, but if it is, just some kind of hatred with them, pick a person, who's got no picture on their page.

Usually it's like keyboard warriors, they want to come through how I've always dealt with it is don't deal with it. I just keep it at a fault. I don't let it in it. Doesn't come into my psyche. So far for me, I'm here. That's that my aura is protecting me. I feel strong that whatever's going on around me is up to them.

And I just don't know. I just don't have time for it. I don't let it in it. Wouldn't. It doesn't affect me. You just get on with your life, but just realize that they're not paying your bills. What they're saying, doesn't matter. What they're saying is only to bring you down. And who are you anyway? Are you Jude law?

Because if you Jude law, Alison, if you're someone who's actually achieved something, are you Tony Robbins? Talk to me, but if you're not someone who is about very fairy, [00:29:00] highly. I'm just not interested in hearing it. Now, if you're a friend and you have something to say, that's constructive criticism, but here's the thing in life.

Always remember this. If you want to say something to somebody, but it's full that benefit, it has to be for that benefit. Not for your personal gain will come from a place of jealousy. If it's coming from a place of love and you want to help them, you just always leave them feeling elevated. So if you leave a person after saying something a bit naggy and you leave them feeling good, but I promise you I'm doing this for their own.

Good. I'm saying this because your hair was sticking up like crazy in this video. And it jumped. You honestly just brush it down next. I sweat you, but you're so beautiful. I promise you're going to, you're going to glow. Everybody loves you that we're leaving them feeling elevated, but if you go in just with an insight and you leave them feeling down, you have not done a good job as a human.

Hala Taha: I think 

that's right. I love the fact that you're saying like you just block it out of sight, out of mind. Keep your aura pure fire your villain, keep things positive. I think that's great advice. Okay. So let's move on to your book. You have a book [00:30:00] called the action plan. It's all about the law of attraction.

You say you can implement the law of attraction in one hour, which is incredible. And I was reading your book and in the first chapter of your book, You recommend to take a cold shower, you basically say, take a warm shower and then end it with freezing cold water. And that's one of the first exercises that you give in your book.

So you obviously think it's a big deal. Do you do this every day? And what's the benefits of a culture? 

Natasha Grano: I absolutely love it. I can't say that I do it every day. No, because I definitely chicken out. I still check it out, but we're all a work in progress, but yes, I advise it. I do it as much as I can. And why is it so beneficial?

Because it's so good for your circulation to have a freezing cold ice shop. It is so good for your body to go through this temperature change. Cold water is so much better for you than warm water. There are so many proven, scientific things. Wim Hoff explains it so perfectly. And I've quoted him in my book so many times on his breathing exercises and ice cold showers think [00:31:00] size.

It's so brilliant for your health. It is so good for your immunity. I think having an ice cold shower has been one of the reasons that I have stayed. Away from flus and things for years. 

Hala Taha: Wow. So interesting. I've never done that. I've heard it so many times, but I'm such like a hot shower kind of girl. I need to switch it up.

I think I'm going to try 


Natasha Grano: I used to be the same, by the way. It's really hard, but you just basically have to say here's my warm shot and not the end. I'm going to. Blitz or just do a workout. And when you're super hot, that's when you have your ice cold shower, that's the easiest when you're really hot.

Cause then you jump in for a minute then when it extends to three minutes, but I'm in the gym and I'm like walking out downstairs, I'm like, okay, I'm going to come back up. And then when I finished, I'm like, yeah, I'm ready to get in the shower and have a nice school shower. If you calm down with a cool-down, which we're meant to do after a workout.

And you're probably not going to want an ice cold shower. There's different ways. 

Hala Taha: That you heard it from Natasha, try cold shower, leave me a review. Let me know what happens. So [00:32:00] let's talk about negative thoughts. I know that we have about 40 thoughts a minute in our brain. That's a whole lot of thoughts.

And if I remember correctly, 90% of our thoughts are negative. So that's a whole lot of negative thoughts that are continually in our head. So let's say we have this problem where I'm sure with. More of your thoughts are positive because you've trained your brain that way. And same thing with me, most of my thoughts, honestly, I think are positive.

I'm really optimistic, but I think that's honestly from just years and years of being optimistic, train yourself. And so for those people out there listening where most of their thoughts are negative, what should they do when they find a negative thought? That's just like spiraling out of control.

And they're just going down this rabbit hole of negativity. How do we turn that off and make it neutral and positive. 

Natasha Grano: Okay. The first thing that you want to look at is you control your outer reality. So everything is thinking about reality is because of what is going on and your inner self beliefs in your inner reality.

So that immediately should be like, oh, so wait, this is [00:33:00] happening to me because I'm thinking these negative things. Yes. You attract everything that you put out there to the world. You think that you are thinking where the strong feelings. Has a chance of happening negativity and positivity have the same power.

It's up to you, which one you choose, you don't have to choose negativity. You can choose positivity, but likewise, if you dwell on a negative situation, you will just bring that about like attracts, like everything began as a me a thought. And so if you are trapped in a cycle, And you are stuck where I was when I was unwell, when I was divorced and on the floor and dispel, I've got no money, I've got nothing.

What do I do in this negative place? It's very hard to get out. It is it's, you sit there and you're like, actually, this is so shit. How am I going to get out of this? But you can get out of it. You just have to stop thinking in a different way. And let me give you some science behind it.

If you're stuck thinking negative things, just remember this. R a [00:34:00] S your RAs is your reticular activating system in your brain. So then it's in the lower part of your brain. Okay. You res filters around 2 million bits of data, a second. It filters, colors, and sounds, and smells. Everything you see around. And said everything's sensory.

And what does it show you? What does it reveal to you? Your RAs reveals to you, everything that you deem as important. So if you are thinking about how fat you are, your reticular activating system is going to continue to prove to you. Evidence that your belief system about being fat is true is it will show you pictures of rarely thin people who make you feel bad or pictures of loads, of food that make you want to eat more.

It will show you things around you to prove that your belief system is true. So if you quit the victim mentality and you stop and say no. I'm changing this [00:35:00] mentality. I am fit. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am powerful. I am loved. I am worthy of being respected, whatever it may be. You change your belief system.

You show your RAs, your arrest, that you have a new belief system. It will then show you evidence to prove that your new belief system is true. Think of a yellow car and you just, it comes into your mind and you want to buy one and you just see yellow cause everywhere that is your reticular activating system in action.

That is the science behind manifesting one of the pots. Your process, massive part of it, but switch your thought process. Key thing to do just trade every time you have a negative thought, you stop don't dwell on it, acknowledge it. Say hi. Hey, and then let it go. Swap to a positive one has to start thinking of the positive version of it.

That negative thought and focused on the [00:36:00] positive one and smile with it because you've got to now come back with double, because if you put any emotion into this guy, you need to put some real positive influence into your new thought so that you manifest new positive outcomes versus old negative outcomes, which keep repeating themselves and copying and pasting themselves in different formats into your life.

Hala Taha: Okay. It sounds like you're saying, in order to counteract these negative thoughts, we need to retrain our brain. And it sounds like you're saying we need to do this through positive affirmations, because you had mentioned basically you said some affirmations in a present tense, and you say to use that.

So let's take a real example. And I know we only have a few minutes left, so let's take a real example quickly. Cause I think it will be beneficial for my audience. So let's say, and you can pick which one it is. Let's say you are having trouble finding relationship. Or you're having trouble finding a job either one and you just keep, having trouble, you can never find a boyfriend or you can never land a job.

What are the things that we should do to change our reality and change what we [00:37:00] see and how we feel 

about the topic 

Natasha Grano: for sure. What the first thing you want to do is you want to use a method like meditation or something to go into a deeper state of altered awareness. In your brain, for example, right now we're in beta.

You want to go deeper to do the work and like alpha feta, alpha, or beta, a deeper states of consciousness. So through my meditational behavioral synchronous tea, you actually go deeper. And that is a combination it's trademark has been taught around the world. It's been taught now it's over 500,000 people.

It is a method which can be. Meditation breathing exercises, anchoring mantra, reframing of the subconscious mind and altered states of awareness and neuroscience. Can you imagine that as, and it's incredible when you bring that together, these limiting beliefs cause those two things you want to work on, there is always a reason why you're not attracting.

The thing you want is because. You will have got that belief. Oh, I'm, I'm not good enough for getting that job. I'm not worthy of having that part in there. Like you were just saying, imagine if [00:38:00] somebody had that. So that is the most common thing, those two things in of itself. And so what you do is you do this method every single day and you go deeper and you go deeper and you go deeper and then you work on it.

Most people only need to do it one or two times. And actually my free program, my mindset elevator. You will actually learn how to get rid of that self limiting belief to manifest what you want. So you can also get that as well. On my Instagram, you just pick it up in my bio. It's the easiest place, but also look for anyone that is having those sorts.

The first thing you want to do is counteract it. So here is your thought that you're having about, you're not worthy of having a dream partner. You just switch that and say, okay, is that true festival? Is it fast? No, it's just your opinion of yourself. But if you're not loving yourself is self worth is not equating the partner you want use dreaming of this partner because deep down you just don't think you're worthy of it.

There's something going on. You just don't think you're actually going to get her or you're going to get him. You just don't believe that out there is just too confusing. Maybe they always [00:39:00] want you for your money or maybe. They always want it for the wrong thing, or they don't want you, whatever these thoughts are in your head that you've created.

Maybe some of them are true. You've got to work out what's fact and then have a look and say, now let me prove that this is not true. So actually I had a partner two years ago who really did love me in every way. It was me that didn't want to carry on with them. So there's a little fact to prove that this is wrong.

So we're proving the opposite thing. So we find a couple of examples that prove that what you're saying is not actually. You don't think you're worthy of the job? You definitely got the last one. You were the very first person to get that it didn't work out. Who cares? You got it at the store at the time you were worthy of it.

So your why the have it again now, whatever it is that you want to create. So you swap those over and then we put the new affirmative. Words into your psyche, into your world, which are, I am worthy of being loved and respected. I am worthy of having a mutual, loving relationship. I am worthy of getting that promotion.

I want, I am worthy of a successful business. I am worthy of financial [00:40:00] abundance, whatever the opposite of this thought is. So now think of it. And now every single day, you just dwell around these thoughts. It's not just a thought though. Thoughts have a vibration. But it's not just about these thoughts. It is about embedding them as a feeling really going deeper with it, imagining it, closing your eyes and saying, what does it feel like to actually be the person who has this new thought of being, why the relationship?

He's in one now. The sky is now in a relationship. And what does he look like? He's always happy is glowing. Everyone's telling him he looks good. Do you ever find you're in a new relationship? Like you're glowing, what's different. And you're like, yes, the person I'm with. So you want to make sure that you are using.

All of your feelings and the positive feeling around this new affirmation to multiply the feeling, to do it. And then when would you mind MBS method? We anchor it in, we anchor it into a [00:41:00] place somewhere in our body and we hold it in that. And every time you have this negative thought, we pop back to our new one, but you have to do a deepest it's better to do at a deeper altered state of consciousness for this.

Cause it just, it's more powerful as scientists prove that it's more impressionable when you're in the outfit and fatal. So what's check, go for the affirmation, feel the affirmation, believe in the affirmation, own it, and then visualize it every day, every single day, when you're walking on the street, just like you're looking out for the sky and you're just feeling good badging, this new positive thing, even if you don't believe.

You're going to trick your brain because your brain doesn't know if you are feeling it as real, your brain doesn't know if it's real or not. 

Hala Taha: Oh my gosh. This is such great advice. I feel like I could talk to you forever. I'm going to put all of your freebies in my show notes. So don't worry about that.

Everyone's going to be able to find that the last question I ask all my guests is what is your secret to profiting in life? 

Natasha Grano: My secret to profiting in life is love yourself and always [00:42:00] wake up every single day. And say to yourself, how can I serve my audience today? How can I take care of one person's needs today?

Because you just need to validation from one past. You just need to think of one person. How can I serve them today? How can I better somebody else's life? How can I use my knowledge, my skillset, everything I've been given to serve my community. What would serve them? That is the key to profiting because money is a by-product to success.

Everything you want is a byproduct of that. So always look to serve other people. True manifestation is when you are serving others, you are manifesting something for the benefit of others and the legacy on this planet. Leaving a mark for people that off to you that you are leaving it in a better way than you can.

Hala Taha: That's super, super powerful. And where can our listeners go to learn more [00:43:00] about you and everything that you do? 

Natasha Grano: Okay guys. So I'm just gonna, instead of direct sheets, it's 10 places come to my Instagram and my clubhouse. It's Natasha Grano on everything and you will find me that, and then we can connect and I'm so excited.

DM me. Do you have anything you want to say, if you want, all my free programs on my bio, if you want to get involved and actually learn to manifest everything that I've been saying, and it raise your limiting beliefs through my meditation behaviorals and crusty method, my MBS method. Then I suggest joining my mindset elevation program because we do it live every single Saturday with thousands of other manifestors.

The testimonials are life-changing people, no home is couch surfing to their dream home with their dream partner. The stuff we hear this, they be last week, Vanessa, she had lost her job and she came and spoke about this last week. She'd lost her job. She's been doing my practices for six months, [00:44:00] six months at the starch.

Had nothing. She just lost her job. She, in this time in six months managed to manifest her dream job. She managed to manifest. Debt's getting paid off a check that arrived to cover her debts, but it was like five pounds over the exact amount. It was mine. She manifested it exactly. She used all my methods, which work because they heal me and they heal others.

It's the missing secret. It's the stuff that don't tell you in the law of attraction books. And I have a law of attraction book, but this is the missing secret, which just takes it fun. 

Hala Taha: I love it. I love it. I highly recommend you guys go check out Natasha stuff. She's the real deal. And we're also going to be, co-hosting a lot of clubhouse events together.

So if you guys are already following me on clubhouse, you're getting to see a lot of Natasha as well. So Natasha, thank you so much. This was such a great conversation. I can't wait to come on your show and keep getting to know you. Thanks so much for your 


Natasha Grano: Amazing big hug and loads of love to everybody who has been shooting.

And today. Thank you so much. Peace and love and blessings for the rest of your day. Go smile. [00:45:00] Go own it. Go win. 

Hala Taha: Thanks Natasha. 

Thanks for listening to young and profiting podcast with Natasha Grano. I hope we drilled home the need for you to proactively improve your mindset and start thinking. Positively positive thinking sounds useful on the surface.

Of course all of us would rather be positive than negative, but positive thinking and positive affirmations. These are soft and fluffy terms that are also easy to dismiss as woo stuff. And in the real world, it doesn't really carry the same weight as words like work ethic or. But in my opinion, positive thinking is just as important as your hustle.

And in fact, research and science revealed that positive thinking is much more about just being happy and displaying an upbeat attitude. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life. Let me just repeat that positive thoughts can create real value in your life. Positive thinking also has physical and mental health benefits.

And these are scientifically [00:46:00] proven people who think positively are more happy. They're confident they're more successful and they're less likely to have health conditions like depression, hypertension, and other stress related illnesses. So do yourself a favor and start to pay attention to your thoughts, work on your mindset.

Especially, if you find that your internal chatter is often negative, go look at Natasha's courses, learn how to meditate. And if you like this episode and you want to continue learning how to reprogram your subconscious mind to let go of your limiting beliefs and achieve your goals. Check out my awesome episode.

Number 62, train your brain with John . Here's a clip from that episode, but 

John: our sub just brain is keeping your DNA intact right now. Digesting your food. It's allowing you to see and delete or distort anything you don't need, but only pay attention to what you do need. It is the power grid, the power center of you and the.

[00:47:00] And yet most people don't know how to operate it. And like I said, we have a brain, but we haven't been given the user's manual for it. And I've been studying this for over 40 years now. And what is the user's manual? So I can use the conscious part of my brain properly and the subconscious part of my brain properly.

And once you start to realize that you have a lot more control than you ever had before. You're not your brain. This is the most incredible thing to think about is I have a brain, but I'm not my brain. It's like you have a heart, but you're not your heart. You have hands, but you're not your hands. You can start to use the tools better.

And so our subconscious brain doesn't know the difference between something real or imagined your conscious brain does, but your subconscious brain doesn't. So if you can impress a new belief into your subconscious mind, if you can impress a vision into your [00:48:00] subconscious mind, whether it's a vision of you being.

Healthier. Are you being in a great relationship? You earning more money, you having the job of your dreams. If you can envision it and then press that into the subconscious mind, not one time, but hundreds of times, then you can start to create that neural network and pattern. And then your subconscious mind then goes to work.

Making that a reality 

Hala Taha: again, that's number 62. Train your brain with John Assaraf. And as always, I'm going to end the episode by shouting out a recent apple podcast review. This one is from McCartney amazing and insightful, highly recommend. I just started listening to your podcast. I am blown away by your interviews and everything.

I'm learning. I feel like I should be paying you for this information. Thank you so much McCartney for this awesome review. And the good news is you will never have to pay us. And in fact, none of my listeners will ever pay for a young [00:49:00] and profiting podcast episode because this was always met. Free resource for my listeners the best way, and the only way to thank us is to leave us an apple podcast review.

And you did that and to those out there, listening, if you feel like McCartney and you wish you could pay us, just share the love on social media or leave us an apple podcast review or Castbox review wherever you listen. That is the number one. Thank us. Take a screenshot of your app while you're listening and then upload it to Instagram.

Tag me at @yapwithhala, and then I'll repost it. I love seeing your posts like that. You can also find me on LinkedIn, just search for my name. It's Hala Taha, and now I'm on clubhouse. I host rooms on there every day. I talk about podcasting, social media, and then I also host YAP live events. Every single Tuesday, you can follow me @clubhouse @halataha and tap the bell for always.

I always know when I open up a room, I hope to hear from you guys, especially if you listen on apple cast bots, podcast, Republic, wherever you listen, I'd [00:50:00] love for you to go talk to me on clubhouse and let me know that you're one of my listeners. I have thousands of listeners and I have no idea who you guys are.

So I'd love to meet you guys on clubhouse as always big, thanks to YAP family. This is Hala signing off.

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